Robbins on Becoming, Dweck on Doing

This post may feel a little awkward on my professional blog.  But one of the aspects of attending Brigham Young University as opposed to a secular university is that we openly strive to blend academic learning with spiritual knowledge. So before we dive into the academic literature that might help develop a framework for blended … Continue reading Robbins on Becoming, Dweck on Doing


NYT: Poetry for Everday Life (Metaphors!)

This article by David Brooks in today's New York Times is interesting to me, as I work with conversation as a metaphor for instruction.  Brooks quotes Lakoff, who I was reading last night.  Brooks writes that: In his fine new book, “I Is an Other,” James Geary reports on linguistic research suggesting that people use … Continue reading NYT: Poetry for Everday Life (Metaphors!)

Ravenscroft on Dialogue & Connectivism

I hadn't read much on connectivism, but Terry Anderson's email to the ITForum caught my eye.  Anderson mentioned that the most recent issue of IRRODL focused on Connectivism.  I looked at the issue's contents, and found an article by Ravenscroft entitled "Dialogue amd Connectivism: New Approach to Understanding Networked Learning.”  This opened up a whole … Continue reading Ravenscroft on Dialogue & Connectivism

Blended Learning

For Dr. Graham's course this week we read several articles about blended learning.  Graham's introduction (2006) discusses various uses of the term "blended learning," providing this definition in the end: "Blended learning systems combine face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated instruction.... Blended learning is part of the ongoing convergence of two archetypal learning environments. On the one … Continue reading Blended Learning