Research & Writing

My research interests focus on blended and online learning context.  In particular, I wish to understand learner engagement in face-to-face, blended, and online settings.

Here are several papers I have published or are under review:

Halverson, L. R. Larsen, R. A. A., Sudweeks, R. R. & Graham, C. R. (under review).  Development of a scale to measure learner engagement in blended learning environments.

Henrie, C. R., Larsen, R., Manwaring, K., Halverson, L. R., & Graham, C. R. (under review). Validation of a longitudinal activity-level measure of student engagement.

Halverson, L.R., & Graham, C.R. (2019). Learner engagement in blended learning environments: A conceptual framework. Online Learning, 23(2), 145-178. doi:10.24059/olj.v23i2.1481

Halverson, L. R., Spring, K. J., Hewitt, S., Henrie, C. R., & Graham, C. R. (2017). Blended learning research in higher education and K-12 settings.  In J. M. Spector, B. B. Lockee, & M. D. Childress (Eds.), Learning, Design, and Technology: An International Compendium of Theory, Research, Practice and Policy. Springer International Publishing.

Manwaring, K, Larsen, R., Graham, C., Henrie, C., & Halverson, L. R. (2017).  Investigating student engagement in blended learning settings using experience sampling and structural equation modeling. Internet and Higher Education.

Halverson, L. R. (2016). Conceptualizing Blended Learning Engagement (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from BYU Scholars Archive, All Theses and Dissertations. (Paper 5981).

Henrie, C. R., Halverson, L. R., & Graham, C. R. (2015). Measuring student engagement in technology-mediated learning: A review. Computers & Education, 90, 36-53.

Graham, C. R., Henrie, C. R., & Halverson, L. R. (2015). Review of Blended: Using disruptive innovation to improve schools. Teachers College Record, 304.

Halverson, L. R., Graham, C. R., Spring, K. J., Drysdale, J. S. & Henrie, C. R. (2014). A thematic analysis of the most highly cited scholarship in the first decade of blended learning research. The Internet and Higher Education, 20, 20-34.

Drysdale, J. S., Graham, C. R., Spring, K. J., & Halverson, L. R. (2013). An analysis of research trends in dissertations and theses studying blended learning. The Internet and Higher Education, 17, 90–100.

 Halverson, L. R., Graham, C. R., Spring, K. J., & Drysdale, J. S. (2012). An analysis of high impact scholarship and publication trends in BL. Distance Education, 33(3), 37–41.

 Halverson, L. R., Bostwick, J. A., Cates, S. R., & West, R. E. (2011). Educational technology research journals: “The American Journal of Distance Education,” 2001-2010. Educational

I’ll also include a few writing samples which come from my work in the humanities, history, and English.

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