Garrison on Computer Conferencing

I just finished an older article by Garrison in which he argues that distance education has primarily followed an industrial approach thus far, but with the use of computer conferencing tools can transform to a post-industrial one.  According to Garrison, the dominant industrial model focuses on mass communication and mass production, with learners engaged in … Continue reading Garrison on Computer Conferencing


Anderson: Towards a Theory of Online Learning

Today in Charles Graham's course we discussed Terry Anderson's article alongside two by Michael Moore.  Anderson combines theories of learning with the context of online education to suggest some outlines for a theory of online learning.  I was a little unsatisfied when I finished the article, perhaps because I wanted a full-blown theory, not just … Continue reading Anderson: Towards a Theory of Online Learning

Moore on Interaction & Transactional Distance

For Dr. Graham's class this week, we read two articles by Michael Moore, one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of distance education, and currently the editor of the American Journal of Distance Education.  In one article, from 1989, Moore discusses three types of interaction in distance education: learner-content interaction (without which there … Continue reading Moore on Interaction & Transactional Distance

Lit Review: Tell Me A Story by Roger Schank

Note: I wrote this last month, but neglected to post it to my blog. We all love stories.  Bedtime stories, stories around the water cooler, aviation stories told by President Uchtdorf in General Conference.  Abraham Lincoln was loved by many (and scorned by not a few) because of his propensity to respond to any situation … Continue reading Lit Review: Tell Me A Story by Roger Schank

Holmberg’s Conversation Theory

I just finished reading several chapters from Borje Holmberg on conversation theory and his empathy approach.  I was excited to read these to find out Holmberg's theory of conversation.  Ever since reading Andy Gibbons' chapter from his still unpublished work, Instruction and Learning, Technology and Design, I have been drawn to Gibbons' "definition of instruction: … Continue reading Holmberg’s Conversation Theory

#mesa201 See What We’re Learning

With the opening of the new semester, I've begun teaching "Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies" at Brigham Young University.  This is a face-to-face course, but we are implementing some asynchronous elements, including a weekly discussion board using BrainHoney and the sharing of tweets about current events in the Middle East.  For the latter activity, students … Continue reading #mesa201 See What We’re Learning

Research Worth Publishing (Moore)

The first article we were asked to read for Dr. Graham's course was one called "Research Worth Publishing," an editorial by Michael Moore published in the American Journal of Distance Education in 2004.  Since the course culminates in a paper with detailed annotated bibliography, and thus much of our work will be putting together the … Continue reading Research Worth Publishing (Moore)