Article Accepted by Internet & Higher Education

An article is in press! Halverson, L.R., Graham, C.R., Spring, K.J., Drysdale, J.S. & Henrie, C.R. (2013, in press).  A Thematic Analysis of the Most Highly Cited Scholarship in the First Decade of Blended Learning Research. The Internet and Higher Education. doi: 10.1016/j.iheduc.2013.09.00

The Social Dimension of Networks (Nohria & Eccles)

This was a fascinating article, which makes an argument similar to the one I have been working on.  The authors do note that there is little hard evidence to support their argument that, "[a]t the core, the network organization depends on a network of relationships forged on the basis of face-to-face interaction" (304). Nonetheless, I … Continue reading The Social Dimension of Networks (Nohria & Eccles)

Cultivating Tacit Knowledge Online

This article discusses tacit knowledge, using the definition proposed by Polanyi (1967) of what we know but find hard to articulate.  I think tacit knowledge is part of becoming, or the learning that goes a step beyond knowing and doing.  Tee & Kareny argue that "although text book publishers or e-learning course producers can process … Continue reading Cultivating Tacit Knowledge Online

Distance Matters: Copresence vs Technology-Mediated Interaction

Olson & Olson argue in this article that "[t]here are characteristics of face-to-face human interactions, particularly the space–time contexts in which such interactions take place, that the emerging technologies are either pragmatically or logically incapable of replicating" (p. 140-1).  For example, though one study showed no difference in the output produced by a face-to-face (collocated) … Continue reading Distance Matters: Copresence vs Technology-Mediated Interaction