Final Paper on Conversation-Instruction Metaphor

I finished my paper for Dr. Graham’s class!  It’s a relief to have completed it.  It’s not perfect, but it was a good effort for a pretty huge topic. I sometimes wish I had developed a research project, as did my classmates, around a narrower topic.  However, as they spoke in class today, I know that their topics, seemingly narrow, still had lots and lots of reading and lots and lots of unanswered questions.  So their tasks felt immense for them, too.

This has been a very interesting class.  I felt like a novice in the field at times, in terms of learning of the theories and authors.  But at least I had the real-life experience of teaching for an online school, so I could speak from experience about distance education.  I’ve very much enjoyed blogging on our readings (though I missed last week — last week was my horror week!).

Final Paper (4-19-11). Enjoy! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Final Paper on Conversation-Instruction Metaphor

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