During the fall semester, I took IPT 520, a “foundations” course for the program in Instructional Psychology and Technology.  For one of our assignments, Dr. West had us review various journals for trends in topics and methodologies.

Dr. West approached the editor of Educational Technology, who agreed to publish our journal analysis papers as a continuing series. And my group’s article was chosen to go first, due May 1st!

So our group worked to verify our coding, and then I was in charge of revisions.  Time crunch with the end of the semester, but Dr. West gave fabulous assistance and edits. Just this morning I sent Dr. West the final batch of changes.

So that is done! Exciting to have an article that will be published!  In addition, we’ll present the research at the AECT Conference this November.  Jacksonville, here we come! (If we can ever find a reasonably priced flight — they keep popping up for $335, but I haven’t yet managed to nab a ticket before they jump to $480 or even $630!)


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