Decision-Oriented Evaluation Approaches: CIPP

Today I had to give a group presentation about decision-oriented evaluation approaches in my IPT 661 course (Evaluation), taught by Dr. Randy Davies.  I was responsible for covering the CIPP model, proposed by Daniel Stufflebeam.  I’ll share CIPP Evaluation Model here.

In class, we discussed what the big decision might be at each of the four levels (context, input, process, product).  Our questions are broad, because we were trying to cover many possibilities.  They’re also rather ad lib.  Nonetheless, here is what we came up with:

  • Context (goals):  Are we doing the right thing?
  • Input (plans):  Is the plan going to work?
  • Process (actions): Are the program activities doing that they should do?
  • Product (outcomes): Is it valuable?

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