Veletsianos on Transformation in Online/Blended Settings

George Veletsianos, the author of this article, states that online and blended learning research and practice has thus far focused primarily on efficiency, reduced costs, expanded course offerings, and reaching more learners. He argues that technology also may enable transformation, “learning that changes the ways a learner acts in the world” (p. 44). I think it safe to say that transformation is an essential in becoming. He gives the following suggestions for how to make technology-enhanced courses more transformative:

  1. “…[D]esign opportunities for activities that allow learners to engage with course-related topics outside the classroom” (p. 42).
  2. Design for lasting impression. Interactions and conversations, Veletsianos says, help make learning more lasting.
  3. Design for intrigue, risk-taking, and challenge.  “…[I]ntrigue is sustained by allowing learners to participate in stories & narratives that are of immediate relevance to their learning (Veletsianos & Doering, 2010)” (p. 43).
  4. Design for engagement.
  5. Design for reflection.

Dr. Graham desires to blend efficiency with transformation.  He feels that when the learning goal is not simply knowing or doing but becoming (transformation), human interaction actually is the more efficient form of instruction.


Veletsianos, G. (2011). Designing Opportunities for Transformation with Emerging Technologies. Educational Technology, March-April: 41-46.


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