Scott on Pask: Overview of Conversation Theory

I'm finding Gordon Pask's conversation theory pretty thick.  Bernard Scott, the author of this article, worked extensively with Pask.  But he does not give the theory in much simpler terms.  I'll try to put together some of the key concepts here; my understanding is a work in progress, however! (I've spent 6 hours today reading … Continue reading Scott on Pask: Overview of Conversation Theory

Pangaro on Pask

Gordon Pask has an intimidating reputation as being incredibly difficult to understand.  He also has a theory of conversation which I want to understand well (and which I'll write more about soon).  Dr. Andy Gibbons suggested this video as really helpful in understanding Pask's basic concepts.  Paskian Artifacts—Machines and Models of Gordon Pask from paul … Continue reading Pangaro on Pask