Harri-Augstein & Thomas: Learning Conversations

Harri-Augstein & Thomas have developed a theory of "Learning Conversations."  They view these Learning Conversations as tools of reflection, allowing learners to become increasingly "self-organised."  In fact, the "Self-Organised Learner" or S-O-L is the epitome of learning and of their theory (and is every teacher's dream student: self-motivated, reflective, engaged, committed).  Learning Conversations allow the … Continue reading Harri-Augstein & Thomas: Learning Conversations


Laurillard: Using Technology to Capture Pedagogic Form

Diane Laurillard has developed a "Conversation Framework" inspired by Gordon Pask's conversation theory.  Laurillard's ideas have been used in the UK's Open University, and are fleshed out in a book I'm still reading (Rethinking University Teaching).  I read this article primarily to see a quick summary, in her own words, of her Conversation Framework.  However, … Continue reading Laurillard: Using Technology to Capture Pedagogic Form