Two Theoretical Framework Articles

A few days ago I met with Dr. Graham and, upon his advice as well as my own inclination, agreed to focus on writing a theory paper this semester rather then a research paper.  I'm still new to the field, and haven't yet taken the IPT courses about research or statistics.  Instead of spending much … Continue reading Two Theoretical Framework Articles

Garrison and Community of Inquiry

I spent a lot of time reading these articles, and then didn't finish the blog I'd begun on them! I am now teaching a course at BYU, Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies (MESA 201).  As I read the two articles below, I thought of several questions that I might ask the class in the categories … Continue reading Garrison and Community of Inquiry

Carabajal, Lapointe & Gunawardena on Online Learning Groups

Either I'm especially tired tonight (and tired of battling a cold), or this article does not do the best job of helping the reader follow the issues of group development. The authors want to review and overview group development models.  In doing so they discuss multiple models, but I don't feel like I'm coming away … Continue reading Carabajal, Lapointe & Gunawardena on Online Learning Groups