Theory: Diversity vs Focus

I've been musing a bit over the articles I blogged on yesterday, and their call for greater theory development.  My first reaction is to agree: we need a stronger theoretical foundation to the field of distance learning. However, I'm also reminded of the proliferation of theories in the broader field of instructional design.  Some would … Continue reading Theory: Diversity vs Focus

State of the Field

For Dr. Charles Graham's class, we read three articles (listed below) that analyzed the trends in distance education research.  The earliest article (Anglin & Morrison, 2000) was published a decade before the latest (Davies, Howell, & Petrie, 2010), yet many of their conclusions were the same.  Again and again, these reviews of the published distance … Continue reading State of the Field

Research Worth Publishing (Moore)

The first article we were asked to read for Dr. Graham's course was one called "Research Worth Publishing," an editorial by Michael Moore published in the American Journal of Distance Education in 2004.  Since the course culminates in a paper with detailed annotated bibliography, and thus much of our work will be putting together the … Continue reading Research Worth Publishing (Moore)